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For Investors

Annova is a pioneer of Public Capital Market-Fed Venture Capital Funds (PCMF-VC).

​It utilizes 70% of the investment principal to generate capital gains and incomes from highly liquid public capital markets while utilizing 30% of the principal to sponsor Innovators and Impact Leaders.

This fund structure would bring the liquidity, transparency, and maturity features of the public capital markets to private market investors, therefore, reducing the major risks inherent to many other venture funds. The investment strategies developed by Annova and its partners are strictly implemented to generate long-term returns with pre-defined risk mitigation methodologies throughout the course of the investment processes. 

The Venture Capital (VC) portion of the funds focuses on investing in the most innovative technology companies at various stages with either exclusive technology advantages or innovative business models which have the potential to go public or be acquired by public companies in less than 10 years. The VC funds aim to provide working capital to fuel the rapid scale-up to the next round of fundraising.  

Annova Advisors are fully committed and dedicated to working for the best interests of investors, family office trustees, institutions, and other venture capitals to reach investment goals in scientifically managed approaches.

For Innovators and Impact Leaders

Our capital partners are interested in investment opportunities in various stages in the following projects:

  1. AI-Supported Internet Service Platform Renovation

  2. Consumer Product Innovation

  3. Software and Fintech​

We need founders like you to answer 3 simple questions before we prepare you for fundraising:

  1. Who are your clients?

  2. Why are they willing to pay for the products or services you provided, but not the providers already on the market?

  3. What are you going to do to scale up your business to gain existing market shares of the products or services?

Innovators and Social Impact Leaders are welcome to discuss your goals, plans, and expected outcomes with us. The ideal set of corporate documents to be evaluated of all potential opportunities by our partners are as follows.

• An executive summary, business plan, or an investor deck
• Financials or balance sheet
• Assets or revenues, or IP of your platform
• Monies invested to date in the project or development and by whom? (owner/partners/high net worth/institutions)
• Data room access (NDA available)


Please include the amount of funding to be raised and the type of capital structure you are open to (debt/equity/bridge/line of credit). We specialize in hypergrowth opportunities, alternative credit, private equity, and joint venture to name a few of the nonbankable alternative structures, and have a global footprint.

Current Investment Opportunities

AI Supported Service Platform Renovation

Consumer Electronics


Independent Film Productions (US)

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