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We give educational seminars for families and money managers.
Team Meeting

We are the educators who build life-long financial well-being for our clients at each stage of transitions. Our goal is to help you reach a state of fully meeting current and ongoing financial obligations, of feeling secure in your financial future, and of making choices that allow you to enjoy life. Through building an individualized investment strategy, you can put money to work and achieve your lifetime goals and preserve long-term financial well-being and prosperity.

We prepare you to be a financial service professional from the ground up.

​The real value of money is to enable you to enjoy the benefits of financial security from the wealth you have worked hard to create. Financial security is more important during retirement time than ever. Although we speculate about the future of the global markets, the legislation, and any life-changing events we may face, by leveraging the financial strength and expertise from the global leading retirement plan providers, we can design and implement retirement strategies together that less depend upon unpredicted futures. A formal and well-prepared retirement plan for you and your family can provide choices and fulfill almost all your personal and family goals today.

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For the clients who like to make decisions over their investment or take fiduciary responsibility of the portfolios they manage, we offer advanced training classes on risk management based on the outcome expectations. The topics can vary depending on your knowledge and experiences including but not limited to the following topics.

  • Fundamentals of portfolio management

  • Derivatives concept and applications

  • Risk limitation and defined outcome investment

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