For Investors

Annova is a pioneer of Public Capital Market-Fed Venture Capital Funds (PCMF-VC).

​It utilizes 70% of the investment principal to generate incomes from highly liquid public capital markets while utilizes 30% of the principal to sponsor Innovators and Impact Leaders.

This fund structure would bring the liquidity, transparency, and maturity features of the public capital markets to private market investors, therefore, reduce the major risks inherent to many other venture funds. The investment strategies developed by Annova and its partners are strictly implemented to generate consistent returns with pre-defined risk mitigation methodologies throughout the course of the investment processes. 

Annova PCMF-VC funds typically invest in early-stage companies with either technology advantages or innovative business models which have the potentials to go public or be acquired by public companies in 2-5 years. The VC funds aim to acquire 10-33% of the equity for providing working capitals to fuel the rapid scale-up to the next round of fundraising.  

Annova is fully committed and dedicated to work for the best interests of investors, family office trustees, institutions, and other venture capitals to reach the investment goals in scientifically managed approaches.

For Innovators and Impact Leaders

The PCMF-VC funds are invested in the following projects:

  1. New Materials Discovery

  2. Autonomous Driving Enabling Technologies

  3. Medical Instrument Innovation

  4. AI Supported Service Platform Renovation

  5. Consumer Product Innovation

  6. Independent Film Productions

Innovators and Social impact leaders are welcome to discuss your goals, plans, and expected outcomes with us.

Current Investment Opportunities

Autonomous Driving Enabling Technologies

Safety enhancement devices and management systems (US, AP)

Medical Instrument Innovation

NextGen MRI/Xray/Optical imaging, with guided drug delivery systems (US)

AI-directed gene decoding for cancer diagnosis and treatment (US, China)

AI Supported Service Platform Renovation

Nutritious meals catering and management platform (US)

Innovative E-commerce social platform, C2C, Online Offline (EU)

Consumer Electronics

AI-directed event video production system (US)

Pets companion robot and online community (US, AP)

Independent Film Productions

Young legend Series (US, EU, AP)

“Young Legends” are ‘coming-of-age’ adventure movies designed for a family audience. Each film will look at the early years of well-known heroes and heroines – some real, some fictional. The films will be glamorous, exciting, and exotic, with the music; visual style, and pacing that will appeal to a contemporary audience. The cast will have "eye-candy" good looks to appeal across the generations.

Elijah Peel (US, EU, AP)

A spiraling out-of-control rock star who plays a sold-out concert only to suffer a massive heart attack on stage. With his very life in the balance in the emergency room, Elijah is greeted by a fearless little ten-year-old terminal cancer patient named Jessica Sanchez. It was a brief and somewhat light encounter between these two most unlikely characters, but just a few short words later both of their lives would be forever.